If you’re one of “T&D’s scumbags,” you won’t need any introduction to this pair of Orlando originals, Tom Vann (former “Drunky the Bear”) and Daniel Dennis (former The Monsters in the Morning). They were both working for Real Radio 104.1 when their podcast “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan”—named as such to lower all listener expectations—became a smash sensation in the area. The duo has been picking up Orlando Weekly’s “Best of Orlando” awards for years. Now, with their careers in terrestrial radio behind them, it’s time for their biggest event yet: showcasing the podcast at Hard Rock Live! Director Kirk Murray’s intimate and often hilarious documentary shows what it takes to put on a show that seems on the surface to be little more than dick jokes, musical breaks, and some seriously questionable news.

But the beauty of all of that is behind the mic: the two dudes—who spend more time with each other than they do with their own families—are really the poster men/children for striving to do what makes you happy even in the face of total uncertainty. You may not know who Tom and Dan are before you see this film, but after you’re done, you’ll be a scumbag too.